Jeff Rowland - Whatever The Weather

I used to paint snow scenes many years ago and it is always incredibly enjoyable to return to this method of painting. It brings its own challenges, for example: trying to create the difference between drifting snow, falling snow and fallen snow. There is something just magical about snow scenes; like the use of rain in my work, painting snow can create wonderful atmospheric images. It portrays a feeling of cold, yet a yearning to be warm. I feel that this is emphasised by the couple in this piece. They are walking through the snow and the woman is holding onto the man. I have tried to show that even though the weather is cold, they are keeping each other warm. I hope to achieve again the cinematic element to my work in this composition. This image could be part of the final scene of a film where the leading man has finally won the girl. I feel that the director has just announced “cut, that’s a wrap”.

Canvas on Board
18.5" x 30"

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